Festival and Themed Event Management

Exceptional event management consulting and resources for the Pacific Northwest and Beyond.


The variety is endless. Themed events are our specialty. Props, games, costumes, music, shows and much more. We will work with your vision to create the perfect ambiance.


We take the worry out of Corporate events by helping to provide marketing, sponsorships, vendors, websites, registrations, speakers, staff and more. Your success is our greatest ambition.


Weddings are stressful enough without having to worry about every minute detail. Let us help you plan the day of your dreams. We specialize in themed or offbeat weddings, so don’t be afraid to ask!


If you can dream it up, we can help you make it happen. No request is too small or too large, the more unique and special your event, the more we rise to the challenge.


We will strive to give your event patrons an unforgettable and unique experience.
Our goal is to exceed your expectations.

Festival And Themed Event Management (FATE) is an event management company specializing in themed events in the Pacific Northwest.  FATE will offer several types of event planning resources, consulting services as well as planning its own events.  FATE will meet with each customer to develop a comprehensive plan for their event.

The market for event planning is steady and profitable.  We plan on not only working with customers who are planning themed events and conventions, but intend to extend our services to corporate retreats, weddings, spiritual retreats, parties, music festivals, banquets, competitions and pageants. Our goal is to help our customers put on whatever type of event they are envisioning. We also are not limited to the Pacific Northwest, although that area of the country will be our focus.



Between the five team members of FATE we offer decades of Event management, staffing, technical, business and customer service experience. we know firsthand what goes into creating and managing events. We know the challenges, the joys, the frustrations and the satisfaction that comes with gathering people together and making their visions a reality.
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Dave Latimer

Dave’s Bio coming soon!
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Matthew Leder

Vice – President
Matthew has been an integral part of the eventing community for over two decades. He is a longtime entrepreneur with a passion for sales and marketing. He is well known for his ability to broker deals and successfully bring unexpected parties together for a common purpose.
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Richard Willmeth

Richard’s bio will be updated shortly.
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Debra Prom

Debra’s Bio Coming Soon!
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Dennis Rensink

Board Member
Dennis is an icon of the event community for the sheer notoriety of having successfully organized and operated one of the largest events in the Pacific Northwest, Seadog Nights. This venture continues to expand and grow to include a series of related events, which have allowed him to build relationships and network with individuals for his 20+ year eventing background. He brings a great deal of passion, creativity, and contacts to bear for FATE’s growth and development.
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Rose Jacobs

Board Member
Rozaylia is a successful web designer and consultant with over 20 years of experience working with and for a wide variety of nonprofits, small business, and events to help them develop and grow. She brings a valuable wealth of skills and experience which makes her highly qualified to identify client needs and create customized service packages to help them.
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Dan Clark

Board Member
Dan’s Bio coming soon!


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